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Members of the Firm have well over 35 years experience representing banks, major corporations, governmental agencies, and small businesses. The Firm specializes in the defense of self-insured companies in personal injury and property damage claims. Firm clients have been both plaintiffs and defendants.


We have handled a variety of commercial, business and personal injury cases including, business and contractual disputes, promissory notes and guarantees, defects in workmanship and property damage resulting from negligence, bankruptcy-related litigation matters, collection matters, premises liability lawsuits, asbestos personal injury and property claims, lender liability lawsuits, product liability, insurance coverage disputes, insurance defense, real estate related litigation, and commercial and residential mortgage foreclosures. The Firm has experience in the trial and appeal of civil actions involving both state and federal courts. 


It has been our experience that many cases can be disposed of rather early in the litigation process. We have been successful in disposing of many cases through the use of well-aimed defense motions, which have obviated the need for a jury trial.


Firm attorneys are also skilled in the construction and negotiation of settlements and alternative dispute resolution techniques. It is our belief that certain cases are best handled in a forum other than a formal courtroom, and we have advised clients to use an alternative forum when it was in their best interest to do so. We thoroughly evaluate the merits of a case and assist with the selection of a mediator whose skills, approach and expertise will most likely facilitate the resolution of the dispute. Our extensive mediation experience compliments the trial practice services we offer our clients.

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